Monday, February 3, 2014

Tyler Smith - Towards a Bespoke Building Process

Reading Response 02 _towards a bespoke building process
Tyler Smith

     The mobile robotic fabrication unit, R-O-B, argues for a new process of construction. One which forgoes traditional, simple task and standardization driven means of robotic integration in construction, and instead embraces the inherent flexibility of industrial robots. By utilizing the potential for flexible, adaptive techniques with robots, designers can create a resource which can be deployed onsite for a variety of design solutions. Rather than deploy robots to complete on task, designers and architects are beginning to utilize the technology as a way to solve problems unique to individual projects and create designs which would not be possible without the robotic equipment.
      By embracing the flexibility of robots, designers can take control of the material, assembly, and process of fabrication. Rather than relying on traditional fabrication techniques with one end goal, like laser cutters or CNC milling machines, which have a distinct material and sought outcome, designers can use robots to customize a unique and specialized fabrication process that fits a unique design.

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